Welcome to My Blog

Life. Whether the lessons are implicitly received or explicitly gathered. We find ourselves in a living experiment. At this time, it is important for me to synthesize. Put things together. Verbalize. I don’t do it for any particular benefit. Just as some may like to dance and perform on stage. I like to stay in my head and try to make sense of the part I play in our collective human experiment.

As I am my own guinea pig, I address issues which are relevant to me. Perhaps, you will find some parallels in that which I observe. My conclusions are my own. I am not interested in twisting any arms, but simply in thinking out loud. Sharing my ever evolving self synthesis. Because even though we’re in this together, what we learn from our experience is an individual affair. And I am not getting in the middle of that mess.

My thoughts most likely aren’t original but my experience is. None of my conclusions are final. I reserve to change my mind at any time. Realign my linear thinking. Borrow ideas that work. And even at times, attempt non linear thought. Opening that door. Sticking my neck out. Dipping my toes. Writing in fragments. Going with the flow. Welcome to my blog.


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