Self-pity: A secret luxury

Feeling sorry for yourself – a secret luxury, isn’t it. We’ve all gone there. Sometimes we go back regularly – why do bad things always happen to me? – why can’t I do anything right? These sound like questions of reflection. But actually, that’s self-pity in disguise. Perhaps now you’re getting offended. Who, me, self-pity, not a chance! I am smart, strong, and independent. Yes you are.

Then, why do you continue to sabotage yourself with doubt. Saying – ‘bad things *always* happen to me’ and ‘I can’t do *anything* right’. Your mama said, watch your mouth. She was right. Watch your words. Watch your thoughts. When you’ve got that snake of self-pity tightening its grip, cut it off. Get up, walk around, run so fast no thought will stick. Flush it out. Empty it out. It’s toxic wasteland. Not a luxurious hideaway. Don’t go there. And if you do, get out as fast as you can.

Namaste friends. From my spirit to yours. Knowing no words.


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