Beyond randomness or mere coincidence

I started out my Sunday strong with an early morning cycling class. After that, I spent two hours writing down some thoughts which I turned into a short blog post. I was feeling relaxed, and I decided to do some meditation. More thoughts came streaming in – in the form of a poem. By now, I had spent too many hours sitting, writing. It was late afternoon, and I needed to get up, move about, leave my place.

Before I left though, I took out some things out of my cross-body bag which were weighing it down. Some loose change mainly. Never mind all the other things that make the bag heavy! Just go already! I step outside. It’s a warm and sunny day with a few white clouds up high in the sky. Fall is not too far behind now.

My plan is to walk. No specific destination. I walk 20 minutes and decide that I will make Dunkin Donuts my pit stop. I sit down – thinking I’m going to reload my Dunkin rewards card because it’s down to a few cents. But then, I have a couple dollars cash, and I need some quarters for the laundromat anyway. I buy my iced green tea – unsweetened – with lemon. It’s a dollar plus 9 cents with tax. I collect my 91 cents change.

I step outside into the parking lot and here comes a teenage boy, walking alone. There is no one else around. He says, excuse me Miss, do you have 50 cents. I quickly scan him. He is tall and dark haired, clear eyed. I don’t notice anything out the ordinary about him, except that he asked me for some change. As I’m digging through my bag, he says – do you smoke, I have some cigarettes. I smiled. No, I don’t, thank you. And I hand over the coins. He says, thank you, have a nice day.

I don’t know where he’s coming from or where he’s going. He doesn’t look homeless but you never know. He’s got a cellphone. On the other hand, cigarettes are expensive nowadays. When I was in high school, I hardly had 50 cents a day to my name. As I walk again, I am drawn to remember so many friends and strangers who have helped me in little and small ways. From lending me money – to jumping my car – to holding my hand on a steep Himalayan trek.

I walk. I am feeling grateful for this moment. For this opportunity just delivered to me out of the blue. For the realization that we are all inter-connected. I get teary-eyed. There is no me without you. Seemingly, we are individuals – separate bodies – separate minds. Yet unified. And isn’t there something even more to us. Beyond randomness or mere coincidence. Something we cannot see. The encounters we make. The connections we weave.

I notice that the more I seek to understand who I am in this universe, the more opportunities materialize for me to do so – out of thin air. Aren’t these magical coincidences that come and go – our deeper clues to who we are. Our reminders that we are greater than meets the eye. Greater than what we allow ourselves to perceive. To believe.

Namaste friends. From my spirit to yours. Knowing no words.


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