Seeking connections but making rejections

Don’t we – instead of connection, repeatedly choose rejection. In our quest to prove to ourselves that we are uniquely better, we plow through this world taking out those who are “wrong.” Wrong in looks, personality or conviction. We are obsessed with political parties and sides. City and country lines. Limits. Faiths and religions. Has anyone noticed that no one is right.

We look to find in others a pure match in idea and thought. Wrong or right. True or false. When neither classification exists. Or is relative at best. Looking at the self, we ask, what’s wrong with me. And, looking at the other, we ask, what’s wrong with you. We apply the template of rejection – left and right. Right or wrong. Why do we need wrong and right so much.

Is this why we cannot find “true” love. As if love could be true or false. Wrong or right for us. We are walking contradictions. Seeking connections while becoming entangled in making rejections. And then lamenting to the world – why am I so alone. Except you are not. Maybe you’ve just been too right for too long.

Right versus wrong – this must be one of our most favorite dichotomies. Like a secret addiction. Or a possionate affair. We love it more than love itself. More than any connection we make. Dare I say, we love it more than life. We would die for it. And then? Isn’t that taking wrong and right a bit too far. While all this time, they were two sides of the same coin – us!

Namaste friends. From my spirit to yours. Knowing no words.


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