Do what’s important to you –

ninety-nine voices
came at me

you can’t, you won’t 
you’re doing it all wrong
who do you think you are

you’re missing out
doing all this unimportant stuff
ninety-nine voices except for one

I listened to the one
and it wasn’t even mine –
do what is important to you

that brings you joy and peace
opens new spaces

now I breathe deep
and focus on what’s important to me
what I value not my neighbor parent or society

I look to find more beauty inside
bring it out and plant it
all around

for myself
to cherish and enjoy
nurture and watch grow

do what’s important to you
let your dream garden flourish –
not the ninety-nine voices that say stop

your dreams don’t count – they do
even if – it’s only to you, even if
you’re the only one

who sees beauty in your creation
do what’s important to you 
listen to the love in you



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