The ego is a maniac –

Courtesy of a maniac is a raving or violently insane person; lunatic. And that’s the ego in its purest form – insane. Most of us have the lunatic toned down and in check.

Oh, but at times, it will show up and say things like, how dare you! Who do you think you are? Do you know who I am?! I am offended. I am outraged! I demand respect. I will defend myself until my dying breath. And the ego might very well take you down with its crazy self.

The ego is not you. It is this hard shell. Like a turtle’s back. It is a shelter of sorts for our wounds and soft parts. The ego is really scared that we’ll be exposed as weak, incomplete or insufficient. It is always ready to defend, even offend. And go on a rampage because the punishment must match the offense.

The ego makes no sense. It is only concerned with keeping others ‘in place’ while it gets itself bent out of shape. If you let the maniac get too loose, you might forget who you are and do things you regret. But don’t worry we’ve all been there, done that.

The ego is a condition, or perhaps a virus, we’re all infected with. When the ego has its most embarrasing outburst, it’s time to heal yourself from any idea that you’re incomplete or insufficient. Nurture compassionate kindness toward yourself. Grow a new, soft shell. You don’t need that hard core lunatic to defend you anymore.


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