Why by walking around wanting, you’re actually pushing away what you’re wanting.

I’ve heard this or a similar proposition discussed. I couldn’t tell you when or where or the source, but it made me think. And I’ve been thinking about it for a while. Today I will try to understand why this might be so.

I think there is validity to this proposition most of all from my own experience. I happen to pick up vibes from people. We all do, and I am learning to be more sophisticated in my readings of the energy I am experiencing.

When I feel someone ‘wants’ something, I feel turned off. And actually what does it mean to be ‘turned off’. I think it means cutting off your energetic or vibrational being from engaging with the other person. If I turn off, then the person who approaches me ‘wanting’ will definitely not get what they want.

I experience some people’s wants as a strong command, very forceful, with a desire to possess. This type of energy makes me react in a protective way – turning off, shutting down, putting up a wall. Interestingly, ‘want’ has an archaic definition of ‘lack’. I am familiar with it in a legal context. For example, “this case is dismissed for want of prosecution” – meaning there is lack of desire to pursue the case in court.

By walking around ‘wanting’, we are actually projecting a vibe that says, I lack something. I see a want as a trespass upon another being’s field of energy. Depending on the intensity of the vibration, we may turn into a walking black hole – one that says to people, I will suck in whatever you’ve got including perhaps your entire being.

If I am the one ‘wanting’, those I come in contact with will most likely shield themselves from this type of vibrational infringement. On the other hand, if someone approaches me with a strong want, it’s an immediate shut down for me. Even if it’s something I am able to comply with.

So how to get what you want. I think, ultimately, there has to be a consensual exchange of wants. A want to give and a want to take. Otherwise, the relationship turns into one of manipulation, coercion and control. It’s not my thing, but people do engage in such relations.

I have come to understand a want to be an expression of lack. To heal myself of this idea, I am consciously practicing not wanting. I am learning to discover the wholeness of who I am, while affirming to myself that there is nothing I lack. And there is nothing you lack either friend. Namaste.


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