The devil is in the detail, just as truth is –

I’m reading this book by this man – Ernest Holmes – Science of Mind. This book and many other interesting texts, by the way, are available here for free:

But as I’m reading, I’m wondering who is this man. Same as with any other text. Everyone has an agenda – or a world view – so I’m always careful to not wholeheartedly accept what I’m reading and to always check it against how it resonates with me. The nature of our world is such – I believe and this is my agenda – that all of truth cannot be found in any ONE person, group, text, or book.

I believe that truth is scattered throughout and it is our job to inquire and put it together. Our job is to pave our own authentic understanding of truth. But it is made quite difficult with the pre-formed conditions – concepts – organizations – doctrines – we are born into. It is tough and time consuming to unravel things, especially the short period of time we have here on earth.

Back to Ernest Holmes – as I am currently considering the ideas of evil, devil, satan, etc., I came across this said about Ernest Holmes –

Begin quote –

Ernest’s parents would not tolerate the teaching of fear as part of religion. “Fortunately, I was brought up by a mother who refused to have fear taught in her family,”‘ he said. “New England, theologically, was pretty strict; but she was a wise woman and she determined we should never be taught there was anything to be afraid of….”

Ernest’s father would not stand for “hellfire” preaching. During one Sunday morning service, the local minister delivered a fiery sermon, declaring that all people were “worms of the dust, doomed to decay in the dust from which they had sprung.” Later, on the way home from church, Ernest’s father could not contain his anger. “Don’t be scared, boys, about worms of the dust,” he said. “You are not worms, and it’s a big lie. Jesus said, ‘Ye are gods and are like God if you keep it that way. Man was made by God. Any other story is lie.”

Ernest Holmes never subscribed to the popular idea of an eternal hell. “If there was one,” he once said as a teenager, “God would have to have a hand in it, and if He did have a hand in it, He wouldn’t be God. He would be the devil.” Later He loved to quote a story about Judge Troward’s view of the devil.

An old lady was incensed by hearing Judge Troward declare in a lecture that there was no such being as the Devil. When the lecture was over she indignantly challenged him. He looked at her and said, What do you want the Devil for, for yourself? Of course not, she replied. For your friends then or perhaps your enemies? Oh no, she said. Then what the devil do you want him for, madam?”

End quote. From:

So then, what the devil do we want him for? Sure, the devil doesn’t exist as some dude running around with a pitchfork. Just as God isn’t an old man with a white beard in the sky. (Catholic conditioning). They are symbols, but again, my take is that any truth available to us in any book or text has been corrupted either intentionally or inadvertently.

Then, the devil – d’evil? – of evil. Okay, so what is evil though. When I feel I’m going in circles, I look up the definition.

evil, noun –
1Profound immorality, wickedness, and depravity, especially when regarded as a supernatural force:the world is stalked by relentless evilgood and evil in eternal opposition

1.1A manifestation of this, especially in people’s actions:the evil that took place last Thursday

1.2Something that is harmful or undesirable:sexism, racism, and all other unpleasant social evils


Profound wickedness and harm – okay I can understand this. Like when children are sexually abused and otherwise physically and mentally tortured. When your body, mind, and spirit are knowingly and intentionally violated especially of one who is completely helpless – I think this would qualify as profound wickedness.

So through actions such as this mental, physical, and spiritual torture, for example, evil is channeled and materializes in our world. And depending on who says this phrase – the devil doesn’t exist – depends on the agenda they wish to advance, doesn’t it. To me, no matter what is said, or how logically or rationally an idea is presented, I always ask, what is this person’s agenda? And usually, the devil is in the detail, just as truth is.


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