Why are we afraid of the dark?

Is it the unknown, or is there more. Dark houses. Dark rooms. Demons and goblins. Shadows and ghosts. Sleep paralysis. In the darkness, there is something that harms and takes. Makes us want to run and hide. This is a phenomenon which is present across all cultures, genders, and ages. As is fear. Are we just a naturally scared bunch?

Nearly two years ago, while in deep sleep, I became aware of my dream state. Except it wasn’t just like another dream, or even a nightmare of which I have very few. There was ‘something’ pressing down on my chest taking the breath out of my lungs. I couldn’t move. Someone said, let those who want to be enlightened, be enlightened. I became fully awake. I turned on the lights, and left them on for the night.

Darkness and light. They are literal and symbolic. Literally symbolic. We are made of it. Unveiling our hidden selves through shadow work. Bringing the dark and supressed aspects of ourselves into the forefront. Shedding light. Becoming enlightened. What I experienced was both symbolic and literal. I think there is no separating the two. We *are* the archetypes present in our collective unconscious.

As above so below. Is it only for the mystics? We are all mystics, I think. But a mystic must first become aware that he or she is one. And then must decide, is the work being done for the whole, or for the part. For the universal interconnectedness in us, or for the self in us.

Light –
gives, uplifts, opens, and frees
exposes, brings forth
makes all equal

Darkness –
evades, lies, hides, and cheats
binds and controls


One thought on “Why are we afraid of the dark?

  1. Solitude and darkness, both have been given a negative connotation. Usually, in darkness (ore absence of light) or in a way the one who are not awakened, carry out many nefarious activities, and thus, darkness got a notoriety. But darkness can also be interpreted as the surrender of all light for some moment, for deep contemplation. So, we have to change our perception. That’s what I feel. Another excellent write from you.

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