Is the force with you?

Sure, it’s with every human who is alive. It’s the force of life. And which team are you on – the Jedi or the Sith? The light or the dark – the good or the bad? Maybe you’re not ready to decide. Maybe you tell a little lie once in a while. Maybe you like to manipulate your loved ones from time to time. Maybe you wouldn’t mind getting away with a crime if no one ever found out.

Most of us are undecided. Our actions are neither purely for good or for evil. We’re sort of in between. We probably don’t even realize that we’re dipping into the forces of the dark when we cheat, steal, and lie – control and manipulate – divide and incite. We do these things on every day basis when we gossip, tell white lies, guilt our loved ones into behaving as we would like, bribe our children with candy and toys, maybe create a virus just because. These are the tools of the big boys in charge – institutions, governments, and military establishments.

But there is no need to be afraid or repent. Just stop. Don’t participate. Don’t pass it on. Well, unless you know that the Siths are for you. Then keep doing what you do. I happen to know that I prefer the way of the Jedi. Working together for collective well being for all beings, rather than working together to suppress free will and consciousness for selfish ends.

And this is where we’re stuck. We don’t know which side we’re on. The few run the show. And we are their pawns. We are your every day people employed to push a button to manipulate that stock. Or distribute lies for sake of national security. Or push that lever and make that atomic bomb drop. We’re just doing our job.

Why is it easier for the forces of the dark to organize? As I see it, the nature of those working the force of darkness is to put the self first, and the only reason they would form an alliance is because it will benefit each of them individually in some way. They don’t worry about eliminating anyone who stands in their way. They have no qualms about using any human – adult or child – to further their ends. Some call them psychopaths.

Let’s consider the forces of the light. Where are they? Hmm. Oh we’re still trying to decide which side we’re on. But let’s say, we know we’re the Jedi, figuratively speaking. How do we unite. My main concern is that any group, club, or society which we form to do good deeds always becomes corrupted either intentionally or inadvertently. And given this awareness, we keep to ourselves while the rats are on the loose infiltrating every corner of this earth.

I am inclined to think that the forces of light require greater percentage of purity of orientation toward the good in order to withstand corruption. This takes much dedication and focus. And yet that’s also true for darkness. They are definitely dedicated and focused on achieving their selfish ends. They are in luck in that they have a bunch of undecided ones who go back and forth between both sides, knowingly or not, whom they can use and discard. They also have no trouble manipulating each other – it’s dog eat dog – and they know that.

From my own experience, I don’t like to join groups because right away we get into ego wars, right and wrong ways, leaders and followers. This is the old, hierarchical pyramid scheme of running things. This is the way of manipulation. Force and coersion. Mind games and control. This is the way of the darkness. There must be another way. One of integrity and collaboration. Unity and harmony.

No more pyramids or hierarchies. Blood or war. Control. But, are we ready? Are we each willing to let go of being at the top? Of being the most handsome or beautiful, rich and famous, powerful. Isn’t this what we fantasize about, and which fantasies perpetually get exploited by the other side. Oh, so we’re back to square one. It’s time to decide.


One thought on “Is the force with you?

  1. What a powerful write. Love this. You have pointed out the exact maladies that plagues the world. May be one who walks away and does not wish to be party to all this will be lonely, but will live with a clear conscience and have good night’s sleep.

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