What does Tavistock have to do with Paris?

The Tavistock Clinic began during the First World War, treating returning soldiers suffering from shell shock as a result of their horrific experiences. The clinic itself sprang up out of Wellington House, the British Military propaganda agency responsible for weaning public opinion round to an acceptance of war with Germany. The studies on the effects of trauma and the breaking point of humans proved seemingly invaluable as the clinic morphed into the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations and began to focus on organizing and directing social orders through social psychological manipulation.

Tavistock, employing its psychological methods, is used by corporations, citizens and countries to define the norms, entrain business leaders and gently coerce society into the direction that is best for it, in their considered, authoritarian opinion. By understanding and utilizing the effects of trauma, they can reduce the critical analysis of individuals or a nation, terrifying them to run into the arms of their authoritarian saviors, namely the state, at any given problem that threatens them.

Tavistock practitioners discovered the most effective way to ensure devotion to the leaders was to provide a solution to the terrible problems faced by the people. These manufactured external events shake the core of the populous, which look to authority to save them and provide a solution. Acting like a consoling father figure, the solutions required by the public can be suggested by the authorities and likely, regardless of the action, if it solves the immediate problem the public will not only accept this but clamour for the change. This is how nations and national identities are formed.

Source: Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own by Neil Sanders

PARIS — President François Hollande of France called on Monday to amend the constitution to fight potential terrorists at home and for an aggressive effort to “eradicate” the Islamic State abroad.

His call to arms — “France is at war,” he said at the opening of his remarks to a joint session of the parliament —

. . .

Hollande called for quick action by the parliament on new legislation that would give the government more flexibility to conduct police raids without a warrant and place people under house arrest. He said he would seek court approval for broader surveillance powers. And he called for constitutional amendments that would give more weight to security measures relative to civil liberties.

The changes he is seeking would, among other things, extend the current state of emergency for three months and let the government strip the citizenship of French natives who are convicted of terrorism and hold a second passport.

Source: https://www.bostonglobe.com/news/world/2015/11/16/hollande-wants-new-powers-saying-france-war/4zusWByFx7JqqbfEgN7jaN/story.html


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