How I freed myself from a burdensome life –

I consider an easy life, one of transparency, facing reality, and being true to yourself. Along the way, we pick up behaviors which may seem to make our life easy, but which instead lead to a burdensome or depressed existence. I’ve had to unlearn some habits and behaviors – and which I continue to unlearn and let go – to free myself from a burdensome life. What are they?

1. Don’t lie. To yourself or to others. Don’t make excuses. They are lies. Don’t tell white lies. They are lies. Don’t lie.

2. Don’t pretend or hide. This is also a type of a lie. That you are not good enough. That you are a failure. That you are not worthy. That you will be judged. That you will be punished. That there is a price to pay. These are lies. You are who you are. Don’t pretend or hide.

3. Don’t run away or stick your head in the sand. Don’t procrastinate. Drugs and alcohol take you to an altered state. Away from your true self. Away from reality where your power lies. You think you’re getting away from your pain with that pill or that shot. You’re lying to yourself. Pretending and hiding. Don’t lie. Pretend or hide.

4. Don’t fantasize. This is wishful thinking. You want to make something happen – open your eyes, stand tall, and get going toward your vision or goal. A fantasy is not a vision – it is intentional self-deceit. It is of lower vibration. It ties and binds. It blinds. Keeping your inner eye obstructed and holding you back from pursuing and materializing your vision. Don’t fantasize.

A vision is in your mind’s eye. It has no conditions or attachments. Ties or binds. It is freeing. It makes you want to fly. It may not be present in your immediate reality, but it exists in the unseen universe. It is a potential waiting to materialize. A seed waiting to sprout. It is our nature to be free and to bring our visions into reality.

A vision is dependent on your awareness of reality because it must take hold somewhere in your reality – not fantasy. It becomes a dream come true when you have a clear vision, keep your inner and outer eyes open, stay grounded in reality, and resist fantasy no matter how unbearable, harsh or brutal reality may get.

Breathe through it when things get tough. Don’t run or hide. Don’t fantasize. Be present. Be aware of your breath. Your awareness is where your power lies. It isn’t a power over nature, self, or other beings, but a realization of the power of conscious existence. This realization is your blossoming of consciousness. You are the lotus flower. This is your treasure. And it rests in the palm of your hand.


8 thoughts on “How I freed myself from a burdensome life –

  1. “1. Don’t lie. To yourself or to others. Don’t make excuses. They are lies. Don’t tell white lies. They are lies. Don’t lie.”

    Here! Here! You put it so perfectly!

    I think honesty is vitally important to the success of the modern experiments in non-totalitarian government. Without trust and trustworthiness, everything falls apart. When people are morally equated to animals in the government schools, in most every scientific book we read, in nearly every sci fi story and in every Discovery Channel production, it has the effect of turning us into liars. When we are changed from people who respect honesty to people who respect effective liars, the best liars rise to power and make slaves of the rest of us. It’s happening now in the US.

    This is why I’m excited about the new developments in our knowledge of DNA and the way the astonishing facts support intelligent design… and the way intelligent design makes it possible to believe in a Supreme Intelligence based on scientific knowledge rather than religious tradition alone. When there’s reason to believe we are not the moral equivalent of animals, honesty becomes respectable. Liars are seen as people involved in a self-destructive habit that, like drug addiction, needs to be overcome so the person’s free will can return to normal.

    I wrote a post on the subject called, “Love, lies and opposable thumbs.” You might find it interesting.

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    1. Yes I think it honesty transperancy and authenticity are the foundations of who we become and where we find ourselves individually and collectively. Even the smallest lie matters, complicates matters, and represses our potential. And most of all traps us into further lying to cover up the lies. The trouble is I’m not sure how aware people are that they lie every day about little things to protect themselves or for no other reason than to create drama. And how aware are people about manipulations of findings and knowledge by the academia for the sake of that grant. I think not very. You raise a very interesting question in Hapa Girl. Could we one day genetically ‘cure’ sociopathy? And if we could, should we? Thank you, I will look for the “Love…” post.

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