Right or wrong is beside the point –

I have the audacity to think that I can understand the nature of consciousness. And why not. I am a unit, an offspring, an offshoot. I am not ‘all that is’, but I am a part. By trying to examine myself, I have realized that there is no me without you. I don’t say this in some romantic sense, but simply that one cannot exist alone. There is no existence if there is only one of us. Only me or only you.

How has this realization changed me? Well, it has taken me out of my box of self-centeredness, out of that focus that I am right. Because so is everyone else! I am the center but so is everyone else! We exist in a collective reality. Made by me and you. By all of us. So long as there is a me and a you, there will always be a different view.

So then, this concept of righteousness, and right versus wrong is pretty much useless in a collective reality. Letting go of being right has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. And this has changed how I communicate with people. Rarely now is it my focus to convince anyone that my position is right. I haven’t completely cured myself of this. It’s a work in progress, I must admit.

My focus now is on letting go of my intense desire to prove that I’m right. It’s a feeling of anger, force, and frustration. And that can’t be right! I just don’t wish to emanate feelings like this anymore. How many times have you been able to change anyone’s mind? It’s difficult unless there’s some molding, shaping or brainwashing taking place. But that’s a topic for another time.

This is not to say that I don’t have a vision for how I’d like for the world to be. I do. But one way or another, so does everyone else. There are some of us who have similar visions, and maybe they are our friends and they may be complete strangers. And yet no matter how similar the views may be, they will never be identical.

And yet we behave as if we are here against our will subjected to a bunch of nonsense. It’s how I used to think. I still do, in a way. I’m working on refining this point of view, too. If I have free will, there is no way that someone could have forced me to be born into this space and time. I did ‘ask’ to be born. It’s my nature. It’s yours. To be. And we are here together – to enjoy – to tolerate – to ignore each other, perhaps.

We are here collectively. Each and every one of us is a part of the whole. An equally important part. Maybe I don’t have the capacity to understand why things are the way they are. Why people have to express themselves in ways I don’t understand. But yet, here we are. Together. To experience each other just as we are. Not wrong or right. But different, unique, and collectively free.


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