Declare your sovereignty, your essence is free –

Let go of designer labels and names. Luxuries. Which are nothing but things. Things which we charge with power over us. Our breath – our health. We give it away. To make that extra dollar. To push and to tense. To stress. To store the dis-ease in our bodies and minds, which over time will break down. And no, the disease isn’t due to natural causes and events. It is self made.

Quit buying into the lies that you need things. We need very little to survive. A dry and warm bed. Some water. Some bread. Maybe a car that drives. We don’t need mega restaurant chains. We don’t need fancy resorts on beaches in third worlds. We don’t need cruising yachts. Diamonds, rubies and gold.

Don’t buy. Don’t buy into the lies. That there is happiness in dollar signs. Because you will never make enough to set yourself free – so long as you buy and buy endlessly. The system is designed to keep you enslaved. No matter how much money you make, there is always someone with more. And you are not in control.

It is a power hungry structure that feeds and takes. There are no gifts here. There is no conscience. There is always a catch. And we are taught that this is how things are. No it isn’t how things should be. It isn’t natural to take and take. Control and annihilate. Nature lives in harmony. Life thrives. It doesn’t take itself out.

You’re not going to win because the system is fixed. But it’s not depressing because you have always been free. Declare your sovereignty from the power of material things over your body and mind. Your essence is independent and free. Your freedom – no one ever took it from you. You gave it away. In exchange. . .for material gain and pain.


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