Is it positivity or wishful thinking?

Hey, be positive – is the new trend. Can positivity ever be a bad thing though? Yes, I think so – when it leads to inauthenticity or wishful thinking. That is, when our positivity becomes a lie under cover.

I see this happening when a person is in financial trouble, for example, and doesn’t address the reality of their condition because they are thinking ‘positive’. Or, when a husband suspects his wife of cheating but is thinking ‘positive’. Or when a friend avoids telling another friend the truth as they see it in order to remain ‘positive’.

This type of ‘positivity’ is wishful thinking. It leads to dissociation from reality. Or, to suppressed thoughts and emotions creating a ‘shadow’ self which acts on our behalf unconsciously. Whatever we don’t face, one way or another will come to face us. At times, we ignore things for so long that ultimately we are met with some calamity – physical, mental, or emotional – in our present reality because we engaged in wishful thinking for too long.

I define positivity as thoughts which uplift me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. For me, it is having the attitude that yes I can – yes I am competent – yes I am lovable – and yes I am worthy. In face of challenge or adversity, I uplift myself so that I can overcome whatever I feel is bringing me down, keeps me from reaching my goal, or hinders me from materializing my vision.

Rather than stick my head in the sand, close my eyes, and pray that what I’m witnessing isn’t real, I face reality – good bad and ugly – and deal with it as it is. I keep going. I keep pressing on. And I review the status of my reality on a regular basis. That is, what is my financial condition, what is the status of my relationships, how is my mental and physical well being.

Only by addressing my reality can I change my reality. And here is where the positivity trend took the wrong turn. No, you can’t change anything by thinking ‘positive’ unless you roll up your sleeves and get down and dirty with whatever your current condition may be. You have to face your reality while uplifting yourself in thought, and your spirit will come to meet you, enthusiastically.

First and foremost be true to yourself. Be authentic. Be real with yourself and others. If you are angry, express it, and let it go. Don’t suppress anything. Work through it. View your reality as objectively as you can. Refrain from judging it as good or bad. Face it. And get to work. A positive attitude requires dedication, focus, and perseverance. It is spirit in action. A peaceful warrior. Yes you are, and yes you can.


2 thoughts on “Is it positivity or wishful thinking?

  1. I agree wholeheartedly!

    Just as it’s unrealistic to “fuse” with ruminations over past embarrassments and speculatively negative interpretations of painful memories, it’s equally unrealistic to pretend that financial debt, for instance, will evaporate if we smile and continue borrowing.

    Authenticity with a touch of genuine humility and guiltless pride – “these are a few of my favorite things.”

    Excellent post! Thank you.

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