Special, not special –

When you have your awakening
Soon you realize it’s no awakening at all
It’s just another phase of a way of viewing it all
And it’s not better than any of them before
Yet my world has changed
I did it all by myself?
Not likely I say
Unless you wish to feel special
Then do so until you don’t need to anymore
Really there is no such thing as originality
Not here at least
It’s like we’re only picking up echoes
Of things already thought and said
I’m not original?
Well I thought you said
You don’t need to feel special
So don’t lie to yourself
Well I want to – not have to be special
It makes one susceptible to predators
That hand out compliments like chocolates
To unsuspecting little children
Who later become hooked themselves
And I thought I was all grown up
Ha, please don’t kid yourself
Where in this world have you met a true adult
Mature and wise, not a teacher, not a preacher
All we are is preachers teaching what we know
Who don’t like to question what they know
Because ultimately it has to be concluded
That we don’t know that much at all
And that makes us feel depressed
We’re supposed to be mighty civilized
Eh, humanity over rates itself
Feeling special is dangerous
But we shouldn’t be afraid
Of our own desires I say
How about if I just let it go
Special, not special
It’s all the same



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