Won’t you love your life right now –

Because hating it, won’t change it.
Won’t make it different, won’t make it new.
Hate is a passion that acts like glue.
Whatever you hate, sticks to you.

Won’t you change your mind.
And love your life right now.
Its rugged shores and its open skies.
Its stormy highs and its calm downs.

All of it – in its entirety.
Your life is your story.
Unique and true to you.
Step back a bit, detach.

Watch it, like a movie.
Examine the set and the background.
The actors, the recurring themes.
Could you be a bit less serious?

Maybe, find a little smile,
and encouragement.
There is no perfect life.
And should there be?

Won’t you look forward
to what is yet to come.
With love in your eyes.
Now is a good time.

You might be surprised to find –
That changing the way you look at life,
changes the way it looks at you.
Maybe, it’s been waiting – to love you too.

Happy New Year, friends!
May you greet it with love and gladness.
May it shower you with peace and kindness.


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