Abundance is not out there –

Abundance is inside. Present within. It is a present. To be opened and set free. But the present is absent so long as we are feeling short of this and that, poor, unworthy, or deficient.

Once we let go of feeling unfulfilled and incomplete – abundance makes her presence known. She comes to the forefront because she has always been there. She blooms. Unfolds. And welcomes more. Fulfillment and completeness.

And as to that false voice which plays what it knows – that we are small, unworthy and insufficient. Let the voice play, but don’t give it any credence. Don’t take to heart what it says. That you can’t, you won’t, or you’re not. Eventually, the voice will fade. Maybe one day it will silently go away.

Abundance is a choice – to be enriched by all that is, and nothing at all. It is an experience in being – fulfilled. Complete. For no reason at all. Nothing causes it, and nothing can take it away. Abundance is conditionless – always there to be experienced.


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