Don’t give up on yourself –

Whatever you are trying to do, accomplish, or change – yes you can. Just because results aren’t showing up right away, doesn’t mean that change isn’t on its way.

We rely too much on our eyes, while change and progress first take root inside. An unseen path is forged at first. It may be days, months, years – but eventually your efforts will manifest. And probably even in unexpected ways.

The exercise of will, perseverance, and determination is never a waste. If you tried, try again, try a different way, take a break, meditate, go back. But don’t give up on yourself. Surprise your future self.

Close your ears to anyone – including your own self – who says you’re wasting your time. It is the habit of giving up which keeps us locked – in a lifetime of unseized days. But any habit can be overcome. And a life full of *I can’ts* can become a lifetime of *I ams* instead.


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