Letting go doesn’t mean giving up –

It is rather – actively seeking to be free of things that hold us back. These things I speak of aren’t the things that happen to us, but the emotions that we cultivate in response. Our parasites.

How much of our day is spent feeling anger, frustration, anxiety, jealousy, guilt, or shame? Each of these represents fear. A fear of abandonment, a fear of failure, a fear of being judged, a fear of being not good enough, or successful enough.

Such emotions tie us down with their low vibrating fields. Notice, what do we say about love? It lifts us up, takes us high, makes us fly. And fear, takes us down, makes us curl up and want to hide, makes us anxious and depressed.

Letting go is not the equivalent of giving up. It is letting go of emotions that bind. It is letting go of vibrations that keep us tied down – so we don’t try. And we don’t believe we can. We stay low to the ground. Holding on. For dear life. All out of fear.

Letting go is the act of becoming free. Opening up. Reaching high. It is a state of mind. A commitment ironically – to not becoming bound to emotions that make us sink. Things happen every day that we mind, don’t like, that we wish would go away.

Letting go is the act of cultivating that which makes us come out of our shells and tied hands. It is only with love and compassion toward ourselves that we can lead ourselves out of our dark cells. Love is light, isn’t it. Light as in weightless, and light as in bright happiness.

Once a day try to feel love. To intentionally place yourself in a feeling that opens and expands, lifts you up, makes you want to fly. It sounds so easy, but we like to go back to our habits, and to that which surrounds. Our stale burdensome environments.

We are sluggish, dragging, down. We are in a collective depression. This is our norm, but it isn’t normal. For me, nature is a good reset button for the body and mind. If you can’t go out into the wilderness, listen to prerecorded nature sounds.

Inspire yourself. With music, poetry, art. However you like. Inspiration is breath. To breathe freely, there can be no fear. Intentional deep breathing is the practice of letting go, setting yourself free. Opening up space for the caged bird in us.

It is easier to go down than up. Even so, we should practice letting go of our little emotions that tie and bind. It takes practice and resolve. To aim higher. To feel love.


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