Going through change –

There are oceans in you – signifying depths. There are flowing streams. Fresh water pools. Springs. Clear clean and life giving. You are not an empty shell. Abandoned and cast away. This stream of life is filling fulfilling. It nurtures every cell of your being.

At times you may feel that this current of life – energizing and light – is you. And at times you may feel disconnected – withering away – one step closer to death. They are feelings and they pass.

What you feel is but an approximation of what is – a summary version of infinity – because ‘what is’ is so grand. It cannot be contained, but it will flow and nourish you if you let it. It will expand uplift and make you light if you allow. It will never take anything away from you. Yet you have the power to think it is separate and far.

The mind is praiseworthy, but the mind has its limits. It likes clarity so it simplifies. This is its advantage, but also its downfall. In simplification much is lost and you may feel caught between a rock and a hard place. But know that all is infinite, endless, never stuck.

Going through change causes an illusion of an abyss. No longer at point A and not yet at point B stepping over the abyss. But this is the mind’s trickery, and its simplified ways. It cannot comprehend infinity. So it invents nothingness – a void and a depressed state.

In those times of falling, losing your grip, and feelings of separateness, know that this is not your natural state. Set aside the mind once in a while. It isn’t always your best friend. Breathe deep, open your heart, and know that you will never fall or be lost in love infinite.


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