All is one –

and all is within
the beginning and the end
and everything in between

you are
in between and within
at the heart of all-that-is

difficult to see, you see
because there has been
a point of view imposed on us

a non-native
perspective passed on
mother to child to father and on

like a cell and a lock
holding your view fixed
holding you transfixed

saying you are no good
an in-organic view
lodged itself

under our skin
a parisitic thought
a viral invasion of us

it stays until
you free yourself until
you recognize this isn’t me and never will be

now you can be free
from this skewed view
that dominates your true you

falsely suggesting
you are limited and broken
a mistake, not meant to be, not chosen

all ideas like this
self destructive, anti-life, anti-you
are projected onto you, not innate to you

meditate meditate
to reveal your true innate state
do not try to explain, believe or have faith

for the core of you is infinite
loving and kind –
All is one


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