Slip in, into your skin –

Access to your SELF, your true authentic unchanging self is always there available to you. No need to seek look search for that which is within. Feeling lost is a choice just as being found is. Drama of the extremes is none once you find yourself calm. Like the deepest sea, whole and undisturbed as vast as it is, it senses its unity. In unity, cohesive is its skin against weight and brute force. Impermeable outwardly unless you softly slip in. And this is your SELF in its unified state – whole and cohesive – and yet soft and nurturing within. It can never sink as it is that which has no weight. And yet, is a living breathing entity. Real and unfathomable in its bounty. Water – fluid flowing ungraspable – and yet certainly present mighty and palpable. This is one aspect of your true unchanging self. Now, go within and calmly slip in, into your skin.


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