What’s important right now –

What’s important right now is the quality of your well-being – your body and your mind – right now. Where is it – have you let the two become separated from your centered sense of self? How is it – does either one feel heavy, unpleasant, or in pain? You are in charge. Getting a ‘hold’ of yourself may be the toughest part of becoming ‘well’ again.

Many times the mind is on the loose doing its own thing. Try following your breath to bring the mind back into its dwelling place. Taking the mind into the solar plexus may be helpful in becoming centered. I like it because it takes my mind away from my brain where I feel thought emanate. I find relief from excessive thinking by staying focused on the solar plexus.

We also forget the wonder that our body is. It doesn’t ask for much but it does need care and respect in the form of a physical challenge – whatever this challenge means to you. It may be simple stretching – or a walk – which may be really tough at first. Your body loves to perform for you. It wants to be at its best. And that’s when you feel your best, too. Try physical activity that nurtures and challenges you.

What’s important right now – and every now after this, is that you are in harmony within yourself – that you have balance which is meaningful to you – and the outside will take care of itself. And dare I say, you might find some peace at last.


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