For the love of humanity –

​You don’t have to love every person in this world to be a compassionate human being. But you must love yourself. And you can’t do that when you’re angry, jealous, or mean – toward others or toward yourself. So it all goes back to – what is your state within. And yet no matter what our state, compassion is already there.

Did you know that humanity is a synonym for compassion? A-ha. We are born with it. We are it. But we forget this when we lose our temper, when we think we are missing this and that, or when we choose retaliation and revenge. When we identify with anything other than what we truly are. So now we have these ‘inner journey’ movements. To discover that which we already are.

If we were just to sit back and meditate once in a while and notice the junk that occupies our mind space and emotional body space, we could intentionally sweep aside all that nonsense and let kindness, compassion, and love take up more space, or maybe even all the space. Isn’t this what we truly want? But we have to bring it out from within first.


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