All the love –

Hold on But not so tight You squeeze out precious life Miss those you love But not so much You miss it all Spreading far and wide Before your feet And eyes Like the rising sun Like the grasses wild and free The birds and the trees, and all the stars Shining softly when you […]

if I could have –

just one deep breath of green mountain air and a gently gliding wind woven through my hair with a golden ray of the sun shining through my eyes if only I could have this and nothing but blue sky for a mind – cloudless and clear focused yet serene to reflect nature’s harmony, symmetry, her […]

Never lost –

no I am not afraid because I have magic real magic of faith in love of the great invisible and silent of the one from whom I come of the one – we originate ever flowing cycling rising across the heavens of this universe keeping it bright with light like countless stars never lost – […]

O Angel of God –

This poem is my interpretation (not a translation) of the Polish language Catholic prayer to one’s Guardian Angel. It is the first prayer I ever learned as a little child and which I never forgot. O Angel of God – Dear guardian of mine Always do stand by my side Day and night, dawn into […]