One ocean –

once upon a time – the sky was an ocean we were in deep undiscovered and unopened like a gift within a gift we had no need to emerge or come out we were whole and unbroken but in a sigh it all came undone as did the sun – he needed a sky we […]

Love is –

Boundless and free Love needs no permitting Rising with fire boldly Into dusk fading humbly She is in the golden sheen of your skin And in the greying rainy sky In the snowflake Perfectly frozen In the mountain Silently humming Guarding the lake Of icy blue depths To some she is harsh To some she […]

A glimpse –

A guy in a sweat-suit Clean and fresh smelling Sunglasses and a hoodie Outside of Starbucks Coffee A lap doggie up in his arms Squirming to be let down Neither one seems to be The type to sweat real hard On a Saturday mid-morning Waiting for the girlfriend Here she comes now In Love Pink […]

Ego-Mind or Healing-Heart

The problem with consulting the ego-mind is that its job is to always be superior, first and number one. Its logic competes even with the heart. The heart doesn’t shout, it has no interest in winning, looking good, or saving face. It is inspiring, unlimited, a fresh spring, full of life. It will always point […]