Your future is now –

Maybe you’re going through certain uncertainties. Feeling out of sorts. Thinking, how will it all end. Don’t worry, do your best. Do your better than last. Pause. Take a deep breath. Reflect. Ask. Is this what you want. You and no one else. Is your heart saying yes. Are you smiling to yourself. Do you […]

Happiness happens quietly –

Happiness happens quietly When you least expect Arriving softly Unsought Not when you’re Counting the minutes Searching Calling looking She comes unseen When you’re singing Drawing walking Unsought Unsought yet welcome She knows when she’s welcome She knows when she’s welcome in your heart

Come to me –

you say and I go to the shore where we are the sea and time isn’t any more come to me, you say like an echo from a well where love rises and swells endlessly come to me, you say your voice is soft and sweet I am cut free as I come to be […]