Love is –

Boundless and free Love needs no permitting Rising with fire boldly Into dusk fading humbly She is in the golden sheen of your skin And in the greying rainy sky In the snowflake Perfectly frozen In the mountain Silently humming Guarding the lake Of icy blue depths To some she is harsh To some she […]

Once –

There was a boy Who closed his eyes And saw a glimmer of a star In all the darkness There was one fiery spark But wait – more than one – countless They poured out like diamonds One by one from a secret mine in the sky Endless – and he – so little – […]

Come to me –

you say and I go to the shore where we are the sea and time isn’t – any more come to me, you say like an echo from depths where love rises up and swells endlessly – come to me, you say your voice is soft and sweet I am free as I come to […]

This love –

there is love in nature it is constant and it is pure this love never ends this love always mends it speaks not a word but your spirit understands when your palms open wide up – into blue blue sky when your feet sense morning grass underneath their nakedness fresh cool green and you begin […]